You are interested in containing your heating costs and save energy?
ESA THERM® saves money by reducing fuel consumption - and so achieves fuel savings of 10 to 20% and more.

Many thanks for your continuing interest in our energy saving system.
For your information you find attached selected data, as reported by our clients, about energy savings achieved.

You will find evident and noticeable energy cuts even with heating
systems-working with either gas- or oil-fired boilers, old and new - which had been well serviced so far, and that they often pay off in the first year already.
Let us outline the technical background of our ESA THERM® system.

Every start of the burner is effected by the existing regulating system as soon as a signalling device initiates the electricity flow to the burner.
Our ESA THERM®system takes over this signal's control and keeps the start-up instruction constant. Meanwhile, our microprocessor checks the actual reduction of heat emisson in the flowpipe with a sensor that we install. The sensor constantly reports the temperature of the hot water as it is requested by the mixer. If the energy is needed quickly, i.e. if the RESIDENTIAL BUILDING,NEUFCHATEL (SUISSE) temperature of the heating water is sinking fast, our device restarts the burner immediately. If, however, the temperature of the hot water sinks only slowly or hardly noticeably, the device holds up the burner before a restart. After having analysed and evaluated changes of temperature in a given time span before, our system will thus allow your updated heating system to flexibly and dynamically select restarts only when needed and just in time - instead of former fixed times for burner restarts. ESA extends the life of your system by reducing the number of burner ignitions. ESA does not only save energy but also improves air quality. Fewer burner ignitions produce less soot, pollutants and toxic materials, resulting in cleaner operation and a cleaner operation and a cleaner environment. ESA THERM® reduces the noxious emission of pollutants and combustion residues.

A 50-hours test in the presence of independent engineers (TÜV) under constant interior/exterior temperature conditions evidenced that a heating system equipped with our device required 51 burner restarts only, whereas in the same space of time 261 restarts were necessary without it.

Despite a slight increase in the length of operarion time after each restart along with a better warm-up of the whole heater system (as recommended by experts), operation time as a whole will, nevertheless, be considerably shortened with our outfit - and energy thus saved. Generally speaking too frequent burner restarts result in incomplete combustion, i.e. poorer energy ratios, in cooling down the combustion room by 'pre-cleansing', and in permanent heating up of the material after a burner restart before the actual passage of the heat into the water, i.e. radiation losses.
ESA THERM® is made specifically for commercial-sized hot water heaters and boilers that maintain temperature (i.e. not cold-start boilers). ESA THERM® works for all sizes of gas or oil-fired systems, and is suitable for both heating and domestic hot water production.
ESA THERM® has proved itself efficientin thousands of buildings throughout Europe. It is ideal für schools, municipal buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and factories.

We gladly suggest to test on your heating system, free of any charge for you. Please send us technical data about your heating system emissions. For further informations, please contact us



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